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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can CloudCompli help me manage my stormwater compliance?

CloudCompli cloud-based software supports stormwater compliance requirements and offers the following capabilities that help you manage your stormwater compliance, and streamline workflows, with an average increase in efficiencies for our customers at 64%:

a. Digital Inspections - Stormwater compliance involves collecting and tracking a significant amount of data. With our software, inspection reports can be created and completed out in the field - including adding photos and identifying deficiencies/corrective actions on the spot.
b. Reminders and Alerts - Compliance deadlines and requirements can be difficult to keep track of, especially for multiple projects/sites. Cloudcompli can set up time and weather-based requirements and provide notifications and alerts for specific deadlines and qualifying rain events.
c. Weather Tracking - CloudCompli utilizes trusted sources like NOAA, IBM Weather, and Aeris Weather to provide the most up-to-date and accurate weather information for your team.
d. Issue Tracking - Our issue-tracking workflows and email alerts keep you in the loop so you can recognize and resolve issues when they come up. This will allow you to maintain compliance and reduce the possibility of expensive fines.
e. Reporting & Analytics - CloudCompli’s reporting and analytic capabilities set it apart from other stormwater inspection software. It has prebuilt analytics that provides counts (i.e. number of inspection reports and deficiencies in a specific time period) as well as trend analysis (i.e. common deficiencies grouped by BMP, projects with repeated issues). These features provide valuable insight into compliance performance which enables clients to make data-driven decisions and improve overall compliance management.

2. Why is it important to be able to access all documentation during stormwater inspections?

It is a requirement to have access to all stormwater inspection reports and SWPPP documentation. CloudCompli can act as a digital stormwater binder by providing access to all of the inspection reports, SWPPP, and any other files you decide to upload into the system.
Having access to documentation can also help facilitate a more efficient inspection process. CloudCompli prefills prior inspection results into your report allowing you to see open action items, resolve anything that has been taken care of, and escalate issues that have remained unresolved. Prefilling prior inspection data also helps you maintain consistency and ensures accountability.

3. What types of industries and permits does CloudCompli service?

a. Industrial - Industrial (Multi-Sector) General Permit
b. Construction - Construction General Permit (CGP)
c. Municipal - MS4 Stormwater Permit
d. Environmental Consultants

4. Is it user-friendly?

CloudCompli is extremely user-friendly. Between our intuitive processes, customized forms and training, and easy-to-reach Customer Success team - we have you covered.

5. Is it secure?

Yes, it is very secure. CloudCompli is a cloud-based software housed on Amazon Web Services (AWS), thus it follows the gold standard of security and data protection. As a client, you have a unique URL that is restricted to your employees and requires them to login with a unique username and password. Each client manages the users that have access to their data.

6. Can CloudCompli be customized to meet my specific needs?

CloudCompli is an “out of the box solution” with the ability to configure certain modules to fit your specific needs. We offer custom inspection forms to match your inspection forms as needed and will work with you to create a workflow to fit your program. We can configure CloudCompli to match specific requirements such as time-based requirements, site/compliance profiles, custom site fields, and predefined drop-down options for common deficiency/corrective action responses.

7. What systems and tools can CloudCompli interface with or connect to?

CloudCompli incorporates Aeris, IBM, and NOAA as their weather providers for obtaining weather data.CloudCompli web and mobile apps also communicate with Google Maps, allowing you to optimize your routes and navigate to your various locations. Additionally, CloudCompli integrates with PowerBi for more advanced and custom analytics that go beyond our prebuilt analytics.

8. Can the CloudCompli SWPPP inspection app be used offline?

Yes, CloudCompli has a mobile application available for IOS and Android devices that can be utilized offline. It is specifically designed to ensure that field inspections are able to be done effectively and efficiently with or without data connectivity and will safely save and upload data once connectivity is restored.